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Thinking Beyond A ‘Typical’ Digital Agency

VSW Guest Contributor: Redstamp Agency


For us at Redstamp, being a great digital agency means constantly innovating and evolving to give our growth-minded clients a competitive edge. Sure, we can build a killer website or deliver a viral social media campaign — but like the innovative startups that we work with, we’re always looking for new ways to disrupt and stand out from the pack.


From developing our own products to staying current through events like Vancouver Startup Week, we’re sharing how we’ve adopted the startup mindset to make ourselves into a “hybrid agency” — one that is as focused on client work as it is on creating our own products — and how you can do it, too.


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Start Differentiating Yourself

One of the keys to our success is our passion for innovation. Our founders are lifelong entrepreneurs, and they’ve infused that spirit into our company’s DNA. We’ve always considered ourselves more than just an agency — and you should think of yourself that way too. After all, who needs another agency out there doing all the same stuff? What’s the point if you’re not going to be different?


For example, we’re currently rolling out a transparent approach to billing. We’re doing this for a few reasons —  it makes life easier for ourselves and our clients, and we think it will help future-proof our place in the market. But it also helps set us apart as different from the other agencies out there. (At least for now; eventually we expect transparent billing to catch on and become the norm.)


Recognize Your Inventions

We started building our own SaaS products as a natural extension of the work we were doing for clients. We always looked for innovative ways to solve our clients’ problems, and we realized that some of our solutions could stand up as products of their own. We’ve since fully embraced our role as a hybrid agency.


Right now, we’re launching our concierge community management tool Chime.io, which grew from the automations we developed to handle social and community management for clients. If you’re creating custom solutions for your customers, maybe you’re sitting on top of viable SaaS as well.


Being a hybrid agency, actively involved in developing and running our own SaaS products helps give us an incredibly unique insight into our clients’ needs. We know what it takes to bring a product to market, and we help our clients get the best results out of theirs. For our team, it means that we’re always taking on new, creative challenges and pushing each other to learn and think outside the box.


Embrace the Culture

Our entrepreneurial spirit also flavours the way we run our team. Our culture is highly collaborative and highly flexible, and we strive for work/life balance for our team members. Creating a good culture makes it easier to attract top talent. A large part of our team works 100% remotely, while the rest of us get to enjoy our posh Coquitlam office (and our super-good office dog, Bubba).


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We’re excited to be part of this year’s Vancouver Startup Week, and we can’t wait to meet some new friends in the local startup scene. We’re currently hiring for a couple positions, so be sure to stop by our booth at the recruitment fair to say hello – especially if you think you’d be a good fit for the Redstamp team!


Check out Redstamp at the VSW Recruitment Fair


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