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Startup Open House Spotlight: Quietly’s Key to Great Content

Quietly builds great content for brands of all sizes. Their data-driven edge comes from a team of global writers, and an awesome Gastown HQ. Make sure you visit during Startup Open House on Sept 28!


Quietly creates great content — building the brands of startups, scale-ups, and international corporations alike. Based in the heart of Gastown, their digital team uses a data-driven approach to content strategy that gets brands like Herschel, MEC, and Sotheby’s in front of the right eyes in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.


The Quietly team is driven by constant personal development, coupled with international perspectives from a network of writers across the globe. We chatted with Quietly’s Product Manager Viren Thaker and Content Strategist Daniel Shalinsky to learn more about their success and what’s in store for #VSW2017.


Quietly — What’s in a name? Understated yet impactful work.


We work in an industry where everyone’s trying to be the loudest, but we’re quietly earning our stripes and helping customers understand how content plays a role in their marketing funnel. We cut through the noise with thoughtful content that’s informed by a data-driven strategy.


What market gap inspired this business model?


These days brands have no choice but to become publishers, at times having to produce upwards of 2000 pieces per year to stay competitive. But content production doesn’t come down to a volume play. Brands need to thoroughly understand what their target audiences are reading, and how they can deliver something more valuable.


Take Indochino for example. Their direct competitors are fellow retailers like Moore’s and Suitly, but when it comes to online traffic, they’re also competing with publishers like GQ and Esquire. We help them produce high quality content that ladders up to measurable KPIs so that they can directly attribute success to their content efforts and compete with top tier publications.


Marketing is changing from a quantity to quality game — what’s Quietly’s place here?


Quietly is a data-driven company — we use proprietary on-page analytics to understand how and where pieces are performing.


In most cases, marketers turn to social channel insights and Google Analytics to see how people are engaging with their content. This provides a very high-level understanding of content performance — if you understand how to analyze that data. With on-page analytics we can identify exactly how readers are engaging with content so that your strategy can iterate and improve accordingly.


What’s your advice for local startups making their mark through content?


Every company doesn’t have to be on every channel. It’s important to know your audience in order to identify where content can best drive conversions — regardless of what a conversion means to your brand. One of the most important factors is understanding the difference between paid, owned, and earned content. All three can play a huge role in the success of your content marketing, if you understand how to use them in tandem.


Tell us about working for Quietly. For those inside and outside the Gastown office.


We focus on making Quietly a place for personal development and community impact. We volunteer at the Writers’ Exchange every week, helping young writers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (you can make a donation at the bar during SOH or online at http://www.vancouverwe.com/). We also have company-wide thought leadership talks every second Friday, where a colleague speaks on an initiative or learning topic of interest. Past topics range from cryptocurrency to technology-focused trade relations between Seattle and Vancouver. Everyone who works here also has regular professional development chats with a member of our senior leadership team.


In addition to our in-house team, we also have an amazing network of vetted writers in Vancouver and across the globe. If Herschel wants a story in Norway, we get writers from there. There’s a high standard of quality on the output of work produced. We’re constantly improving and staying competitive. Understanding how high the bar is — and constantly trying to raise it — is a big part of our culture.


What can SOH goers expect from Quietly this year?


We’re excited to open our doors for the third year now! The Vancouver office is a fun, open, and collaborative space. We’ve got fantastic clients here, and we create meaningful work alongside them. To date we’ve had over 300 SOH attendees and investors come through the door. It’ll be a great time with music, drinks, and a chance to know the startup community. We’ll also have some sponsored door prizes to be announced soon on our Facebook page.


Did we mention we’re hiring? We’re looking to add to the Quietly crew!


Check out Quietly at Startup Open House here!

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