Call For Submissions

Submission Guidelines

What You Should Do … In Early 2017

Connect With Us. As early as possible, let us know about your awesome idea. Things to Consider. Topic, speakers/companies, audience (size and composition), preferred date and time, potential event partners, budget, volunteer resource needs, and how to best engage your participants. Basic is OK. You don’t need a fully finalized idea before submitting — in fact, we would rather hear about your ideas sooner rather than later. We are happy to work with you to craft events that best meet your goals, fit VSW2017, and serve the community’s needs.

How It Works

Build With Us. The #VSW2017 team will work with you to determine the best date, time, location, and topic for your event. Ideal Timing. We help you to avoid conflict — trust us, you don’t want to try and fill a room while competing with seven other events scheduled for the same time slot as your awesome event. Talk to us before locking in a time slot! Access for VSW Pass Holders. To be an official VSW event and listed on our Schedule, your event needs to provide access to Vancouver Startup Week pass holders. Start the conversation with us and we’ll walk you through it. Access for Others, Too! Your event can be open to more than just VSW pass holders. We can work with you to spread the word to those who might want to attend just your event, which will help meet your goals and budget constraints. Sponsor Coordination. We strongly advise touching base with us before approaching sponsors for your event, or setting your ticket prices. We want to respect those organizations in our community that might otherwise be flooded with sponsorship requests, and can help with central coordination and improved sponsor Return on Investment (see below).

What We Offer

Leverage. We can directly draw the attention of thousands of engaged individuals in the Vancouver tech and innovation communities to your event. Fit. We will work with you to craft the best event, in the optimal time slot, to be a great fit for VSW participants. Sponsor ROI. If you bring in a sponsor to support your event, we can offer your sponsor access to all official Vancouver Startup Week events, as well as certain sponsor collateral placement throughout Vancouver Startup Week (in addition to your event). This can help make it an easier “sell” for you, while adding value to your sponsors. Marketing. We have an active marketing team that can assist you with developing social media and other marketing content. Speakers and Partners. We are constantly approached by talented individuals and organizations who would like to partner with VSW event hosts, or speak at VSW events. We can help foster appropriate connections. Volunteers. If needed, we can provide you with volunteer resources during Vancouver Startup Week. Financial Coordination. If you are doing a great job attracting VSW pass holders, we are happy to help financially support your event. Ask us for details. Access. And, of course, we can also arrange complimentary and discounted VSW passes for your event organizers.


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