Some of our favourite questions, and even a few answers!

Attending Vancouver Startup Week

Q: Where do I pick up my Vancouver Startup Week lanyard?


A: Our Participant Guide has a list of lanyard pickup times and locations.



Q: I have paid for my pass, but I’m not able to make it to one of the lanyard pickup times before the event I want to attend. Can I still get in?


A: Yes. Our volunteers will be at all official Vancouver Startup Week events, and will scan your pass QR code. Please do attend if you have paid. You will have a QR code after purchasing your pass.



Q: Are there any events I can attend without paying for a Vancouver Startup Week pass?


A: Yes. Vancouver Startup Open House is open to the public. We’d love to see you there! Also, certain events allow separate registration for that event only, like our Hackathon and Recruitment Fair. If you do not see separate registration listed on the event description, then you must have a VSW pass to get in.



Q: I registered for the event on your schedule. Does that guarantee me access?


A: Yes! All passholders can register to events on Sched after purchasing the ticket. However, if the event is popular and has a waiting list, we will open the event to first-come, first-served basis 5 minutes before the event starts. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to all events to guarantee your access. Please see our Participant Guide for details.



Q: Events are listed as “Full” or “Waitlisted” on your schedule. Does that mean I can no longer get in?


A: No! All events will be first-come, first-served 5 minutes before they start. Purchase your pass and register events early to reserve a spot. Show up early for those events you want to attend.



Q: Eventbrite sent me an email with a pass and QR code. Is that my Vancouver Startup Week pass?


A: Yes and No. You can get into events with the QR code, but you need to pick up your Vancouver Startup Week pass and lanyard at any of the times and locations listed in our Participant Guide and wear it proudly!



Q: I have not purchased a Vancouver Startup Week pass, but can I register for events on your online schedule?

A: No. Access to events is only for Vancouver Startup Week pass holders, unless noted otherwise on the event description. See the question above for suggested events.



Q: I see you have access passes! Amazing. Does that get me access to EVERYTHING during Vancouver Startup Week?

A: Almost EVERYTHING, but many amazing things! We respect the right of community organizations to host their own events during the same week as Vancouver Startup Week, and do our best to arrange to get them to open access to VSW pass holders.



Q: What’s the difference between a “Startup Access” pass and an “General Access” pass?


A: In terms of access to Vancouver Startup Week events, the two passes are the same. The price of the General Access passes represents the true cost of attending Vancouver Startup Week, while the Startup Access passes are for Startup entrepreneurs and founders in the Vancouver community, to facilitate them access to as many educational opportunities and networks as possible.

Hosting An Event

Q: Can I or my organization host an event during Vancouver Startup Week 2017?


A: No! Calls for event submission ended on August 31. Please come back early 2018 and share your event idea.



Q: What resources does VSW2017 provide to support my hosting an event?


A: We have an amazing team that can help source volunteers, offer you expanded Return on Investment on any sponsorship you might be seeking, draw attention to your event to our pass holders and by our marketing efforts, and a whole lot more.



Q: Will VSW2017 provide financial support for my event?


A: We are happy to discuss arrangements that can help make your VSW event financially feasible.



Q: I have a totally cool idea for an event that I’d like VSW2017 to run. Want to hear about it?


A: We welcome all conversations, but Vancouver Startup Week does not run events for third parties. Instead, we are a platform that helps great people and organizations in Vancouver (and beyond) run their own events during one amazing week. Still, we are happy to play matchmaker or otherwise see how we can best help you out — please do drop us a line at partners@vanstartupweek.ca in early 2018 to plan for next year, this year’s calls for event submission is over.