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What is the Hackathon?


The Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon is one of the most popular hackathons in Canada.  More than 200 innovators, developers, and other talented individuals will descend on TELUS Garden from September 23 – 25, working for an action-packed 48 hours. Participants will be put into teams to compete for a variety of prizes by building a new product and presenting it to a panel of expert judges as well as an audience of hundreds.

In keeping with tradition of past years, the Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon will not feature a specific theme, but rather will be open to participants to develop the best, smartest, and most impactful product they can over the course of 48 action-packed hours.

We are grateful for the leadership and support of Rallyteam and Caskadia in organizing this year’s #HackVSW. If you haven’t worked with these fine companies yet, we strongly recommend that you check them out.

Who Should Attend?



You. Our attendees typically consist of developers, designers, engineers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. They will be participating in a 48-hour competition to build a new app to solve various challenges in our community. If you are interested in working on solutions to real problems, if you are interested in coding, designing and pitching your ideas to many talented judges, if you want to bring your business ideas to life, this is the right place for you.  So come join us and be part of Canada’s premiere hackathon!


Why Attend?


Develop new skills

Over one weekend, you will sharpen your technical skills, gain hands-on experience, enhance your communication skills, collaborate with awesome teams, and get to present your ideas to talented judges.


Connect with industry leaders and talented innovators

You’ll get a unique opportunity to interact with industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs. Learn from and connect with over 200 talented innovators sharing best practices to advance your savviness.

Win a prize!

By participating in this competition, you will have a chance to win over $10,000 in cash/products within 48 hours!

Build an amazing product

Do you have a great business idea but not sure if it works in the market? The brightest judges and mentors will provide you valuable feedback that will help you think critically and launch your idea.


Meet potential employers

Many sponsors and companies are looking for talented candidates like you during Vancouver Startup Week 2016 Hackathon. This is your chance to stand out and meet your potential employer.




Surprise Tech Prize
$10,000 in in-kind development work by Two Tall Totems
$2,500 in legal services by MLT
$2,500 in-kind professional services by Manning Elliott

Passes for your team to #VSW2016


Canucks Hockey Tickets, thanks to Rallyteam
$1,000 in legal services by MLT
Passes for your team to #VSW2016


$1,000 in legal services by MLT
Passes for your team to #VSW2016


$5,000 in cash, thanks to BCLC
Mentorship with the BCLC Innovation Team


HTC Vive VR Headset, thanks to BCLC
Mentorship with the BCLC Innovation Team
Click here to see the BCLC sponsor prize requirements


Hackathon Platform


To participate in the Hackathon, you’ll need to complete the following:

1) Register on Rallyteam. This event is about getting to know each other, so please take the time to fill in details about yourself.

2) Join the VSW Hackathon event.  Get to know the community by saying “Hi” and tell us what you’re looking for in the Discussion feed.

3) Go to the Projects tab and create or join a project you’re interested in.  If you created a project, you can use the “Search” or “Build My Team” feature to find people with the right skills.

Note: Projects must be submitted on Rallyteam for judging.




Aya Zook

Aya ZookPrincipal Microsoft Accelerator

Amy Rae

Amy Rae Principle Vanedge Capital

Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs President Two Tall Totems

Patrick Chang

Patrick Chang Early Stage Venture Investor Samsung Ventures

Barinder Rasode

Barinder Rasode Director of Social Responsibility Resource Works

Richard Osborn

Richard Osborn Managing Partner TELUS Ventures

Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis Vice President & CIO BCLC



Allen Devine

Allen Devine Chief Dreamer TELUS Innovation Center

Behdad Jamshidi

Behdad Jamshidi Innovation Centre Manager TELUS Innovation Centre

Auzeb Manzoor

Auzeb Manzoor Intermediate/Senior Engineer Rallyteam

Annee Ngo

Annee Ngo Vice President ProtoHack

Reyhan Jhaver

Reyhan Jhaver Head of Product Rallyteam

Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal Mobile Lead Mojio

Mauro Horie

Mauro Horie Senior Software Engineer Mojio

Jonas Avellana

Jonas Avellana Rallyteam  

Leah Huyghe

Leah Huyghe UX Designer Samsung Electronics

Ildar Muslukhov

Ildar Muslukhov Rallyteam  

Jeffery Hsiung

Jeffery Hsiung Web Padawan Rallyteam

Yao Gao

Yao Gao xMatter  

Brittany Whitmore

Brittany Whitmore Founder and Principal Exvera Communications



Friday, September 23, 2016

16:30   Registration + networking
17:30   Welcome & kickoff
18:00   Form teams + start hacking
19:00   Sponsor sessions/workshops
23:30   Wrap up for the night

Saturday, September 24, 2016

9:00     Breakfast/venue opening
12:00   Lunch
13:00   Coaching/mentoring
18:30   Dinner
23:30   Wrap up for the night

Sunday, September 25, 2016

9:00     Breakfast/venue opening
12:00   Lunch
14:00   Sponsor pitches/demos
15:30   Preliminary judging
16:00   Presentation pre & tech check
16:30   Official pitches and judging (on-stage)
18:30   Awards

Hackathon Rules


1. Be Kind & Respectful
Vancouver Startup Week is dedicated to offering a safe space where people of all backgrounds can gather, embrace differences, and innovate together! Be kind and respectful towards your fellow hackers – that means we do not tolerate any harassment, racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind.

2. Teams
Each team can have up to 5 members. Check out the projects posted on Rallyteam if you are looking for a team to join, or post your project idea to look for fellow teammates!

3. Build & Present
Actually build something, and be ready to present your hack! The presentation must not deviate from your accepted submission. Teams with a different presentation to their submission idea will be disqualified.

4. Code, Graphics, Music, & Other Resources
To ensure all contestants start the hackathon on even footing, we ask that all code, graphics, sound and other assets are created during the hackathon. However, you can plan, brainstorm, and create wireframes prior to the event! Exceptions to this rule are the usage of public domain images, open source libraries, or any assets with creative commons licensing. This rule will be enforced strictly. Teams found violating this rule will be disqualified and not eligible for prizes.

If your team qualifies for prizes, the team will be subject to a code review to ensure fairness.

5. APIs, Libraries, & Open Source

We encourage you to make use of 3rd party services, APIs, libraries, frameworks, and open source projects. Build something amazing using the great resources and the amazing APIs offered by our event partners.

6. Track Your Project
Use Git or an alternative platform to keep track of your code. This is great practice and will be useful to show that your code is brand new.

7. Ownership
All teams retain full ownership of what they build during the hackathon; however, we encourage teams to open source their project.

8. Happy Hacking!
Hack, make new friends, and have an awesome time! We understand hackathons can be stressful so don’t forget to take breaks, eat healthily, and really enjoy the event.


9. The Hack Code of Conduct

How To Sponsor


#HackVSW is made possible by the generous support of our amazing sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the Vancouver Startup Week 2016 Hackathon, please email sponsor@vanstartupweek.ca or see our Sponsorship Kit below.