#VSW2017 #SOH2017

Thursday Sept 28 | 4 to 8 PM

What is Startup Open House?

Vancouver’s tech space is booming, and Startup Open House is here to show you just how much. Since our first event in 2013, we’ve grown almost as fast as the startup ecosystem itself. We can barely keep up with the multitude of cool startups popping up from the West End to Mt Pleasant.

Startup Open House gives Vancouverites the chance to walk into the inspiring, quirky, and fun workplaces of their city’s most innovative startups. Companies open their doors and provide free access to job seekers, investors, and curious neighbours to discover the startup world. By learning about these companies and their products from inside their workplaces, participants get a feel for the startup’s culture, vibe, and values. 

Check out what happened in 2016 here.


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Visit Startup Open House Website & Startup Open House Vancouver Event

For any questions say hello at info@startupopenhouse.com



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