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Getting to Know TTT Studios

At Vancouver Startup Week, we’re grateful to work with a wide network of sponsors and event partners. VSW would not be what it is, without their support, expertise and willingness to share their experiences and participate in our events and promotions.

This year, we’re thrilled to be partnering again with Two Tall Totems Studio on VanHacks, an annual hackathon dedicated to helping local non-profit groups in our community.

How did TTT Studios get started?

Apple opened up the app store in 2008, and we saw a great opportunity in the apps market. Since then, we’ve grown and recruited many skilled talented individuals to join our team, shifting from mobile apps to enterprise software and bleeding-edge technologies.

What new technology has excited you the most?

Definitely AI/Facial Recognition. We’ve been experimenting with Facial Recognition for over 2 years now, and we are very excited about the IP we have created to help people with true identification.

Has there been a new project/product/service that you’re most excited about getting on the marketplace?

We have a new product called AI Amanda that has garnered a lot of interest over this past year. This is our own facial recognition platform for events and ticketing, and we’ve already worked with partners including KPMG, Singularity U, and Traction Conference.

How do you see the industry (and by extension, TTT Studios) moving forward in the areas of blockchain, AR/VR and AI?

A: These are all very exciting technologies that we’ve been lucky enough to have worked with. It’s still very early days, but there is huge promise soon to be realized.

How did you become involved with VanHacks and Vancouver Startup Week?

A: We originally dreamed up VanHacks in 2016 with the mission to serve local non-profit groups around Vancouver. We see massive value in being involved in the community, and events like VSW. Ever since its inception, we have played as big a role as we can with Vancouver Startup Week.

VanHacks officially partnered with VSW last year in 2018 when we realized the spirit and the mission of the two events aligned perfectly.

What are your hopes for the future of VanHacks and how it might grow and expand?

We aim to continue running VanHacks so long as non-profits need our help. In terms of growth, we’d like to see other cities take up the reigns and spread the mission nationally.