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How To Support Local Vancouver Businesses During COVID-19

    How To Support Local Vancouver Businesses During COVID-19

    May 4th, 2020

    One of the best things we can do during these uncertain times is support small businesses and help stimulate the local economy. Social distancing is essential for reducing the spread of COVID-19, so we must get creative on how we can support local businesses from afar.

    Layoffs and loss of income are becoming more prevalent so we added a few budget-friendly, no cost alternatives to support struggling businesses to the list.

    Here are a few ways we can support small businesses so they can avoid closing their doors:

    1. Shop at a Local Grocery Store
    One way to support local businesses is to do your essential grocery shopping at small, locally run businesses. Many grocery stores have implemented initiatives to help keep your distance from other shoppers. Whether that is allowing a few people in at a time, arrows and markers or pick-up options outside the store.

    A benefit of shopping at a local grocery store is that there is likely to be less people than major chains. As well, they may have items stocked that would otherwise be sold out at busier grocers.

    Local Grocery Stores:

    • East West Market (4169 Main Street | 2183 W 41st Avenue) Donald’s Market (2342 E Hastings Street | 2279 Commercial Drive)
    • Kin’s Farm Market (Multiple locations across Greater Vancouver)
    • Persia Foods (2827 W Broadway | 1730 Commercial Drive | 6437 Main Street | 6791 Kingsway | 118 15th St W | 2011 Lonsdale)
    • Welks General Store (3511 Main Street)
    • The August Market (3958 Main Street)
    • Sunshine Market (3135 Oak Street)
    • Famous Foods (1595 Kingsway)
    • Sunrise Market (300 Powell Street)
    • BeFresh (1900 W 1st Avenue)
    • The Federal Store (2601 Quebec)
    • Sungiven Foods (555 W 12th Avenue)
    • Stong’s Market (4221 Dunbar Street | 2150 Dollarton Hwy)
    • Larry’s Market (140-125 Victory Ship Way)

      Let us know in the comments below if we have missed some of your favourite grocery stores.

      2. Share, Comment, Like or Message a Local Business on Social Media
      A budget-friendly, no cost alternative to support local businesses is to get active on their social media accounts. Send a restaurant, clothing store, bike shop or brewery a message on social media to show your support and appreciation for their business. Even commenting or liking their posts can help make a difference.

      This can also bring awareness to their business so others that may have more of a budget can help support them.

      3. Share or Tag Friends in Local Initiatives
      Many local businesses are running contests and giveaways during this time to show their support to the community. Tag your friends or share the posts to help spread awareness.

      4. Buy Beer or Food from Local Breweries
      Many breweries are offering free delivery, local pick-up or discounted rates for beer (or other liquor varieties).

      Local Breweries:
    • Four Winds
    • Dageraad
    • Main Street Brewing
    • 33 Acres
    • Red Truck
    • Strange Fellows
    • Luppolo
    • East Van Brewing
    • Brassneck
    • R&B Brewing
    • Electric Bicyle
    • Bomber
    • Off The Rails
    • Parallel 49 Brewing
    • Steamworks Brewing

      The list could go on but those are just a few of the options of local breweries we can support during this time. In the comment section, share your favourite brewery.

      5. Leave a Positive Review
      Reviews can make or break a business in today’s online landscape. One way to support your favourite local businesses is to leave a positive review on Google or Yelp. This option has no cost other than your time.

      6. Purchase a Gift Card
      Many local stores have been sold out of product but one option to still support them is to purchase a gift card for later use.

      7. Use a Local Grocery or Meal Kit Delivery Service
      Grocery delivery services are becoming more popular than ever. They are a great way to avoid crowds at the grocery store while also supporting small businesses.

      Grocery Delivery Services:
    • Legends Hauls
    • Kiki’s Delivery Service
    • Stong’s Market
    • Larry’s Market
    • Vegan Supply

      Meal Kit Delivery Services:
    • Gomae Meals
    • FreshPrep
    • Planted Meals
    • Livia

      8. Order Delivery or Take Out Food
      Hospitality is one of the industries that has been hit the hardest. To help support local restaurants and cafes stay open, order food for delivery or take out. If available, try to order directly from the restaurant and to avoid third party delivery services that can sometimes hurt their margins.

      9. Shop Online from Local Vendors
      Amazon is amazingly convenient but let’s opt for a local business. (Anyways, Amazon’s shipping times are extremely delayed right now).

      There are plenty of ways to help the local and small businesses, no matter what size of budget you may have. Encourage friends to do the same, share cool initiatives you’ve seen and spend your money where it counts.

      Stay Healthy!